Simply Trees.



The view from my window. This tree stands like a sentinel on guard. Several times I have thought the wind would win and tear it from its grounds but it stands tall. This tree has become my weather vane – yes I look out the window and see sun or rain, but this tree speaks to me the strength of the wind and we converse on the option of taking an umbrella.
This tree represents a constant, a continuation regardless of weather or people around it. Taken in January 2016 with a Nikon D700. A long exposure of 10 seconds at f22 with an added 2 stop nd filter to allow for a lengthier exposure.

20004337886_98425416b8_kTrees in my favourite place. A place of solitude and peace. A place for reflection or nothingness.
A fan of this joiner type of imagery, I like that detail can be found in every segment and how we can sometimes miss these snippets when seen as a singular whole.                       For a better quality version see my Flickr.                                                                         Though taken before the start of this project I think it has a place here and should be included as an example of how trees can change mood or perception.