Final Images.

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From the 6 final, we shortlisted down to the favourite 4, choosing the blue over the green footballer and discarding the pyjama image. The blue footballer was considered a more balanced and appealing image out of the 2 while the pyjama image was decided that nightwear was a personal issue and not as likely used in judgement in line with our project.

The final titles were discussed and looked at in consideration to each image and decided by which represented the strongest contradiction whilst still providing an empowering persona.

I am really pleased with these results, I think them clean, strong images that would appeal to any age women and would catch attention on media pages, or used as signage or billboards.

All aspects of process and ideas together in our final presentation. I also printed and mounted the images for a more tactile visual. I felt the projector didn’t show the images to their best potential and thought if this were in a working community, a visual appears more professional and easier to ‘exhibit’