Sexualisation of children.

A form of sexism towards young girls, it is physically encouraged for young girls to aim to be ‘mum. To wear makeup and high heels are  the height to aim for. |Body image from an early age.

“We raise our little boy’s bodies as tools to master their environment. We raise our little girls to view their bodies as projects to be constantly improved” TED talk.

Photographer Sally Mann was accused of benefiting from the sexualisation of her children by televangelist Pat Robertson in her book Immediate Family.  The images show nudity but do they sexualise the children in any way?

Popular teenage girls pop group Little Mix video Black magic sets the tone that jeans and t-shirt doesn’t get the boy, but short skirts and sexy do. Girls against girls for the sake of a boy.

‘The world is saturated by more images today than at any other time in our modern history. Behind each of these images lies a message about expectations, values and ideals. Women are revered – and rewarded – for their physical attributes and both girls and boys are under pressure to emulate polarised gender stereotypes from a younger and younger age.’ Dr Linda Papadopoulos 

‘A recent report found that depictions of violence against women on TV had risen by 120 per cent since 2004 while violence against teenage girls rose by 400 per cent.’