Task IV


Using the library and internet as resources, explore how photographs use perspective to create meaning. Look at the distinctions between these 4 types of perspective.

  • Aerial perspective
  • Perspective of receding planes
  • Perspective of scale
  • Linear perspective


Aerial – Looking from above.  By Alex Maclean


A perspective of receding planes – many focal planes receding into the distance. By David Clapp.


A perspective of scale – using 3 dimensional to effect on a 2-dimensional image.


Linear perspective – vanishing point scale. By Al Michael Genabe

Groups will report back to classroom in 45 minutes with the following: • brief discussion of the below photographers biographic details • image analysis • discussion on how the image is constructed / recorded • identify which of the above 4 categories the image fall within Group A Barbara Kasten – Construct XV, 1982, Polaroid, 8×10 in


Kasten cleverly manipulates light and shape to question the perspective of what we are looking at. We can not determine what is up, down, light or reflection.

Movie-Screencaps-labyrinth-5546819-1024-576A set from the movie Labyrinth. Light is used to question perspective and which way is up.