Sexual Objectification of Men.

michael-fassbender-x-men-magneto-300-body-e1345393162921I aimed to specifically look at objectification towards men, where it is accepted that it occurs towards women, men seem less affected in comparison to women.

Michael Fassbender – my guilty pleasure of objectification.

The project takes a twist in direction and now looks at prejudice, namely sexism. We are an all female group so words like ‘feminism and objectification’ were thrown into the mix. There are many examples and sources for female objectification (some included below) and this became a good starting point to attempt to understand fully what is the issue of objectification and what it means.

Research that includes looking at scantily clad images of men and how they are included within advertising. I must set a strict time limit to this project! How ironic that I get to ogle men while researching into the ogling of men. Hardship!

1984 Nik Kamen strips in a launderette to wash his Levis12b233497e8cd8163130f4bb1a8d8d3d

‘Like being raised in a red room, pulled out of that room and asked to explain the colour red.’ Caroline Heldman description of objectification in her TED talk. ‘Subjects act, objects are acted upon.’

‘Image is powerful, but image is superficial’ Another TED talk.

Is objectification purely a feminist issue?

  1. Instrumentality. The objectifier treats the object as a tool for his or her purposes.
  2. Denial of autonomy. The objectifier treats the object as lacking in autonomy and self-determination.
  3. Inertness. The objectifier treats the object as lacking in agency, and perhaps also in activity.
  4. Fungibility. The objectifier treats the object as interchangeable (a) with other objects of the same type and/or (b) with objects of other types.
  5. Violability. The objectifier treats the object as lacking in boundary integrity, as something that it is permissible to break up, smash, break into.
  6. Ownership. The objectifier treats the object as something that is owned by another, can be bought or sold, etc.
  7. Denial of subjectivity. The objectifier treats the object as something whose experience and feelings (if any) need not be taken into account.
  8. Reduction to body: treatment of a person as identified with their body, or body parts.
  9. Reduction to appearance: treatment of a person primarily in terms of how they look.
  10. Silencing: the treatment of a person as if they lack the capacity to speak.

MTV Movie awards for Best Shirtless Performance.

Telegraph link. ‘From Fifty Shades and Magic Mike to Beckham and Gandy’s underwear ads, men are now the objectified sex. But unlike women, says Martin Daubney, we don’t really mind’  Questions, is it more culturally acceptable to objectify men?



Is male objectification the answer to the argument of equality?Screenshot_32

When MotoCorsa received complaints from women regards an ad campaign and the objectification of women their response was considered hilarious. They responded by replacing the women with men. Photos by Alicia Elfving.


“The number of women convicted of domestic violence rose by 30% in the year to April 2015, from 3,735 to 4,866.

It marks an upward trend – the number of convictions involving female perpetrators is now six times higher than it was ten years ago.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics obtained by domestic abuse charity Mankind, which offers support to male victims, found one in four women and one in six men suffer domestic abuse in their lifetime.” BBC figures. 

Telegraph article on men’s admissions of being on the receiving end of sexual harassment.

When actor Wentworth Miller suffered depression to the point of suicidal the internet took to judging his appearance. Wentworth admitted how this meme added to his thoughts at that time – “The first time I saw this meme pop up in my social media feed, I have to admit, it hurt to breathe.”