Who Am I?

So for this page, I began Googling ‘What makes a great about page?’ And, as always, the omniscient Google supplied hundreds of pages with many different ideas to what made a great page. Basically, it’s about making yourself compelling to other people, in a personal way, make yourself likeable to a particular demographic – know your audience!   I suppose I do have a ‘one up’ here in knowing this blog is aimed towards my tutors and their marking grids and, as such, is pretty much destined to contain certain aspects which are beyond my control.

But beyond tutors, who am I? One info page recommends to ‘Make your website a window and not a wall.’  But do I want you looking in? My walls are sturdy, built by years of foundations and caution. Perhaps I can offer an arrow slit of possibility.

I am a quadragenarian, single mother and BA first year student of photography.

And so it begins.



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