Task 1

Collect visual examples of photographic interpretations of trees and discuss their significance.

Misty Mornings. 


By photographer Diane Kirkland, taken from her series Georgia Landscapes.                         I find this image very relaxing, reminiscent of early mornings out with the dogs.  Not a soul in sight and just watching and listening to the world around.


Our eyes are naturally drawn to the lighter part of the image but the surrounding greys, especially the darker in the foreground, leads us up the path to the safety of the light.

I am Groot. 

902220-product-thumbGroot is a fictional tree character from an unlikely band of superheroes, The Guardians of the Galaxy, from Marvel comics. IMDB. Groot’s character is one of strength and loyalty, of nurturance and renewal. His words are few but simple and wise. This is presented also in his size alongside the other characters. he towers over them, especially his racoon friend, to further example his strength and power. When protecting his friends, even in the event of his own demise, his words ‘we are Groot’ symbolises how we are all part of this cycle together. Dancing Groot.



Translated from Japanese it’s literal meaning is ‘tree in a pot’. “The Buddhist monks that brought bonsai growing to Japan viewed these trees as a symbol of harmony between nature, man and soul” Bonsai.  Photograph by Victrinia Ensor the vibrant cerise pink seems unnatural and in total contrast to the green backdrop.








From Tiny Acorns. 


In 2007, Ackroyd & Harvey gathered and germinated hundreds of acorns from renowned artist Joseph Beuys’s seminal artwork – 7000 oaks, and in doing so began a new long-term research project.

Beuys’s Acorns explores the agency of ideas associated with the provenance of the trees and provokes questions as to the artist’s relationship with nature, the changing climate and collapsing economic order. Beuys had a mission. To change the social order. Mostly the money system. Ackroyd & Harvey ask what the legacy of Beuys’s mission is given the climate of ecological and economic degradation at the beginning of the 21st century.


The Bodhi Tree. 

Giant Bodhi tree, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
Giant Bodhi tree, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Taken 24 Jan 2014

Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind.                 To be happy, rest like the giant tree in the midst of them all – Buddhist quote.

The tree under which Buddha was sat the night he attained enlightenment. It has since become a symbol of Buddha’s presence and an object of worship.



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