Symbols, Signs and Semiotics.

Zodiac signs, symbols designated to a period of time based on astrology.


”In a nutshell, semiotics (or semiology) is the field of study that is concerned with signs and/or signification (the process of creating meaning). For several years now, the field of semiotics has been gaining momentum, due to the growth of multimedia, among other things.’

Symbols and signs surround us in our lives every day. Simple images that narrate a constant informative in their repetition and usage.

The Signifier and The Signified.

The signifier  refers to the physical, whilst the signified is the meaning that physical gives us.


This symbol is a signifier, it signifies that the power to an            appliance may be controlled at this point.




Colour is often used as an added layer to signify an emotion or instruction. When coupled with something inanimate it can change our perception and reach us on a more subconscious level. Red is the colour for love and a simple flower gesture changes into one of romance when the flower is a rose and that rose is red.



Equal rights for the LGBT community has become represented by the use of the rainbow colours, to represent the different races as well as sexuality. equalpeple1


In a technical world dominated by social media and ‘apps,’ everything is a single click away. Vectors, symbols, icons and logos are heavily marketed for instant recognition.




The Hash-tag. 

” To put it simply, a hash tag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic and to begin a conversation.”  Urban Dictionary.  Quick to pick up on the ease of the hash-tag, social media platforms soon began using this simple symbol as a means of quick searching viral terms.