Task III

Chris Killip – Youth on a Wall, Yarrow.

Born on the Isle of man in 1946 Killip left school to pursue a career in hotel management but became a full-time beach photographer in 1964. He moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1975 as the Northern Arts Photography Fellow.

Influential in presenting photography as an art form. ‘The raw reflection of the cultural and economic circumstances gives these photographs a powerful political undercurrent.’




‘His photograph, Youth on Wall, Jarrow, has been described as an icon of the working man’s despair at Thatcher’s ruination of British manufacturing, though in fact it was taken three years before she came to power. These were days in which the British working class was being confronted, often very brutally, with economic policies which were hostile to their interests.’

  • These black and white images, mostly made on 4×5 film, are now recognised as among the most important visual records of living in 1980s Britain.
  • They are dense, vivid, solid, black-and-white images of working people in the North of England in the Seventies and Eighties.

The end of the 70’s into the early 80’s saw a rise in white nationalist movements often demonstrated by the ‘skinhead’ haircut. These dissatisfied youths were mainly from working class backgrounds with an anger at political situations. This image appears to demonstrate the class and anger of a younger generation ready to explode and rebel.

Chris Killip  Power Point Presentation.