Anti Smoking and Tech research.

Just some bits that have caught my eye and possibilities so far.  Ideas for ‘nonsmoking’ and ‘anti-technology’.




Robbie WilliamsCandy.

Britney SpearsHold It Against Me. 

1. One who fears technology (or new technology, as they seem pleased with how things currently are…why can’t everything just be the same?)

2. A group led by Mr. Luddite during the industrial revolution who believed machines would cause workers wages to be decreased and ended up burning a number of factories in protest

A Luddite generally claims things were “just fine” back in the day, and refuses to replace/update failing equipment/software/computers on the basis that they were just fine 10 years ago.
Since 1984 man has theorised our own destruction through technology.  The Terminator (1984).  A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001). Ex Machina (2015)
1984??  The book of course. George Orwell. Prediction of a ‘big brother’ society, living constantly under the surveillance under the guise of safety. ‘Expected to accept restrictions as well as privileges.’ Many terms now incorporated in our everyday language – big brother, thought police, unperson, room 101 – prophecy vs prediction.  Would we have used these terms for similar outcomes if not for the suggestions of the book? The irony of the film, certain behaviours are bad but smoking appears often within the story.


Could a positive anti smoking campaign gain better results?australia